Star Pirates Infinity, A Collectible Card Game (CCG)

A Fun, Easy, Engaging Collectible Card Game!

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About Star Pirates Infinity

Star Pirates Infinity is a next-generation CCG set in a distant, chaotic galaxy.

Fight for your place in the Galaxy! In Star Pirates Infinity, take control of 1 of 4 unique Factions, unleash powerful cards, and seize control of the battlefield.

20-Hundred Terracades into the future, fragments of mankind settled in the distant star cluster of Terzan-7. When the rogue star, Krishna XI-32, unexpectedly went hypernova, the resulting Gamma radiation blast obliterated life on all planetary colonies in the cluster.

With the Nega-Gate destroyed in the initial blast, only those in super luminous ships were able to escape the star’s fury. Limited by their meager interstellar range, the survivors of Terzan-7 were unable to return to their home galaxy.

With the radiation dissipating after the Hypernova over the course 100 earth years, the survivors began their pilgrimage into the hell-bathed systems. Inheriting the shattered remnants of a thousand worlds irradiated in a stellar inferno, four factions have arisen to rebuild the desolate systems in their own image.



Simple and Engaging Gameplay - Learn how to play in minutes, dominate for hours!


Welcoming and active community - no bullying, spam, sexism, etc.


Battle Your Friends - Create or Join a Guild! Challenge your Friends to PvP Battles!

Unique Factions

4 Unique Factions - Take control of 1 of 4 unique factions, each with different abilities and strategies to play the game; play the game your way!

Epic Story

Epic Story - Play through 44 Missions as each faction and learn the true story behind the Hypernova!

Active Creators

Game Creators play the game with you -- play against them, talk to them, and more. FREE to play -- always!

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